Imagine, for a moment, that you’re Duncan Robinson. I know it’s odd, but Indulge me. Put yourself in Robinson’s shoes on a given day in the NBA. You’re a 6’7 shooting guard with a beautiful jumper and league-average defensive mobility. And while we’re speaking in hypotheticals, let’s imagine that you’re…

LeBron James’ 2018 free agency is a perplexing thought exercise, largely because there really is no perfect destination.

His Cavaliers, whom he is currently being forced to carry through the postseason, have no clear path to improving other than praying that their Brooklyn Nets’ pick (the only asset remaining from…

With the NBA playoffs in full swing and Avengers: Infinity War just days away, it bares noting the similarities between the two forms of superheroes that dominate today’s popular culture. So, without further ado, here are the Marvel Cinematic Universe equivalents to today’s NBA superstars.

LeBron James — Captain America

G: Damian Lillard

G: James Harden

F: LeBron James

F: Giannis Antetokounmpo

C: Anthony Davis

The name on this list that seems the most unlike the others is obviously Damian Lillard. He is the only player on this list to have never finished higher than 8th in MVP voting in…

Mason Bissada

writer, journalist. SFSU Journalism 2020 Warriors stories for the Martinez Tribune:

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